can be planned!

The electronic data processing has a high rating within SOLLER Multiservice. Efficient EDP systems with high disposability secure the data of our customers.

Our internal EDP programmers adapt your complex requirements in the shortest time: ...from the on-line contact, to the customer through Internet information or detailed reports. Our 104 personnel are especially customer orientated and have extensive knowledge. Everyone of them is a specialist in there own sphere of activity and are focused to improve sequential work-flow. We grow with the demands put on us if you are in a hurry and a project deadline is required. Up to 80 temporary staff which has been established over many years support us, if a near impossible delivery date must be met.


Whether filling advertising dispense boxes, manufacturing advent calendars, picking repair-sets, re-paletting containers, stocking sales promotion material, loyalty sales promotion or country wide co-ordination of sales promotion personnel – this is fulfilment and daily routine for us. We can advise you and provide you with an individual concept, which considers your requirements such as lead time situation, budget restrictions and goods characteristics.

Strong points

• Prizes-, hotline- and sales-promotion
• Shop fulfilment
• POS–services and Promotion management
• Warehouse management
• Copacking
• Finishing picking and packing
• Promotional Logistics
• Promotionals



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